crypt.gitA simple command-line password manager, written in Rust + SQLite.Christian Clebergsummarylogtree
daily-poem.gitA simple Python script to email random poems from the PoetryDB API.Christian Clebergsummarylogtree
yoshi.gitA command-line password manager, powered by Python.Christian Clebergsummarylogtree
zeno.gitA simple static site generator for Git repositories.Christian Clebergsummarylogtree
ios-tasks.gitA simple iOS tasks application.Christian Clebergsummarylogtree
ios-weather.gitA simple iOS weather application.Christian Clebergsummarylogtree
data-science.gitA collection of Jupyter Notebooks.Christian Clebergsummarylogtree
docker-cgit.gitA Docker container for cgit, using CentOS and httpd.Christian Clebergsummarylogtree
dotfiles.gitVarious dotfiles for whatever distro I'm currently running.Christian Clebergsummarylogtree
dark-cgit.gitA dark Stylus theme for cgit.Christian Clebergsummarylogtree
dark-hackernews.gitA dark Stylus theme for Hacker News.Christian Clebergsummarylogtree
dark-journalstar.gitA dark Stylus theme for the Lincoln Journal Star.Christian Clebergsummarylogtree
dark-omgubuntu.gitA dark Stylus theme for OMG! Ubuntu!Christian Clebergsummarylogtree
401k.gitA simple 401k projections web app/plot.Christian Clebergsummarylogtree
anonblr.gitAn anonymous proxy service for Tumblr.Christian Clebergsummarylogtree personal website + blog, built with Zola.Christian Clebergsummarylogtree collection of self-hosted services, applications, and tools.Christian Clebergsummarylogtree
color-generator.gitA color generator with the ability to save and export palettes.Christian Clebergsummarylogtree
lincoln-incidents.gitAn interactive visualization of police incidents in Lincoln (NE) since 1990.Christian Clebergsummarylogtree
michelangelo.gitA gallery web client for Tumblr photos and videos.Christian Clebergsummarylogtree
php-blog.gitA PHP-based blogging system.Christian Clebergsummarylogtree personal website of Reminisce Cleberg.Christian Clebergsummarylogtree
space-wiki.gitExplore the galaxy.Christian Clebergsummarylogtree
vox-populi.gitA(n incomplete) dashboard client for Tubmlr.Christian Clebergsummarylogtree
world-incarceration.gitAn interactive choropleth map of prison statistics around the world.Christian Clebergsummarylogtree